Roderick Cooper

Profile Updated: May 22, 2016
Class Year: 1976
Residing In: Killeen- for now, TX USA
Occupation: Pilot Arkansas State Police
Children: Ashley-born 1983
Hayley-born 1992
Adam-born 1996
Haven-born 2001
Military Service: U.S.Air Force and Army National Guard and Reserve  
Yes! Attending Reunion

After School, I worked for a little while then signed up in the Army Reserve. Then went active duty in the Air Force. Joined the Camden Police force in 1980 and worked there for four years til I was hired by the Arkansas State Police. Went to work for the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections to stay on the retirement for State employees and worked there at night while I went to college during the day to get my Degree. Finished my Degree in Aviation in 1994 and flew fire patrol for the Forestry service. Went to work in 1995 for Lone Star Airlines in Dallas til they went bankrupt. Got back in police work at Clark County til I was hired by Northwest Airlines in 2000. Flew passenger service over the eastern 3/4 of the United States and Canada. I returned to the Army in 1998 in as a Door Gunner/Crew Chief on Helicopters in an attempt to get a pilot slot. But, after you turn 40 it is almost impossible. so I transferred over to the Reserve and received a direct comission to 2nd Lieutenant. I was awarded Company Command at the Arkadelphia Army Reserve Unit til I was involuntarily placed on active duty in 2007. I am presently stationed at Ft Hood, TX where I am an Operations Battle Captain and while there I served in Iraq as a Convoy Commander providing Gun Truck Convoy Security to Sustainment Missions that originated in Kuwait and dispersed material to all parts of Iraq. After finishing up active duty I returned to the State Police and after working on the highway for a while I was transferred to the Aviation Division where I am a pilot and Tactical Flight Officer on a Bell 407 helicopter, Single-engine Cessna 206H and B200 King Air turbo-prop aircraft.

School Story:

One of the funniest moments was in Mr. Zen McRae's Vocational Orientation class. We were discussing in class about some people that were in class and had no clue about what the class was about. Mr. McRae stated to Willie Armstrong that there were some people in the class who couldn't even tell him what the name of the class was. Willie said " Awww Come on Mr. McRae!" He said watch this," Lonnell Ridley, whats the name of this class you're sitting in right now?" Lonnell Ridley replied, "vocal orientation"! We ALL including Mr. McRae just cracked up!!!

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